Space Based Cybersecurity Solutions

NebuCyber provides resilient space cyber security to defend the Nation in the Space Domain. NebuCyber delivers managed space security operations for Department of Defense capabilities on Nebula Compute Contracts. NebuCyber is space-based and quantum-powered with more sensor data, computing power, and accuracy than competitors in the industry.


NebuCyber Solutions

Space Threat Intelligence

NebuCyber assures access and superiority in the Space Domain. We provide Space Threat Intelligence that enables responsive detection and characterization of objects in orbit. Our unique space collection capability utilizes orbital data sensors to augment an organization’s Space Domain Awareness in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). 

Space Domain Professional Services

NebuCyber provides pre-mission payload hardening with system security engineering services. NebuCyber also sources unique mission data, inaccessible to terrestrial security providers, that will deliver Space Cyber Threat Intelligence (S-CTI) as a service. 

Space Managed Cyber Security

NebuCyber maintains access to a space catalog of telemetry data, providing customers with the ability to track objects, analyze characteristics, and assess benign versus aggressive activity in orbit through autonomous anomaly detection that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).



As a cutting edge, deep tech R&D lab innovating on proven distributed ledger principles, Fabrx is powering the next generation of space-native data infrastructure for government, enterprise, and the scientific community.

Provides optimized communications to support Nebula Cybersecurity’s efforts to achieve superior security in the space domain.



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